We offer executive courses in economics for lawyers, managers and policy makers

For lawyers, managers and policy makers

economics courses for professionals

e-Conomics offers executive education in economics, management and policy making. Courses are specifically designed for lawyers, business executives and policy makers.

Executive education

Since 2017, e-Conomics provides executive education at Nyenrode Business University, the National Academy of Finance and Business Administration, and for the government’s trainee program BOFEB.

In-house trainings

e-Conomics also provides customized courses and workshops for business clients, lawyers and policy makers.

  • For business clients, topics typically relate to platform business models and strategy (in partnership with Ngrane).
  • For lawyers, topics relate to the economics of competition law, competition in the digital economy and the economics of data and privacy (see Cursusaanbod 2023 in Dutch).
  • For policy makers, topics relate to competition and regulation of network sectors, managing the digital society, and allocating scarce public resources (auctions and procurement).


In courses relating to the digital economy, participants receive the book Handboek Platformeconomie: Beleid en strategie voor de digitale samenleving.

The book is written by Nicolai van Gorp (founder and owner of e-Conomics) and Paul de Bijl (chief economist at the Dutch Competition Authority – ACM) and Gelijn Werner (strategic policy advisor with the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate).

Participate in a course?

Contact us by sending an email to nicolai@e-conomics.eu. Please express your needs and we can give you a price quote.


Nyenrode Business University, the National Academy of Finance and Business Administration, BOFEB and Ngrane

Results and impact
  • since 2017, excellent reviews from participants in the Modular Executive MBA program Business & IT (Nyenrode Business University).
  • Teaching the economic foundations of competition law to lawyers.
  • Updating lawyers and policy makers with new economic insights about competition in the digital economy.
  • Updating business executives with new insights about business models and strategy in the digital economy.
  • Nicolai van Gorp