We offer executive courses in economics for lawyers, managers and policy makers

economics courses for professionals

e-Conomics offers a variety of courses, training and workshops in economics, management and policy making. These are specifically designed for lawyers, business executives and policy officers.

Executive education

Since 2017, e-Conomics provides executive education at Nyenrode Business University and the National Academy of Finance and Economics. We also provide lectures for the government trainee program BOFEB.

Training for lawyers and policy officers

We provide in-house courses for lawyers and policy officers. These include:

  • Basics of Competition Economics;
  • Advanced Competition Economics (with the latest insights from science and case-law);
  • Economics and Regulation of Network Sectors;
  • Competition in the Platform Economy;
  • Economics of Data and Competition;
  • Economics of Auctions and Procurement;
  • Cost Models and Price Regulation;
  • Damage Calculations in Cartel Cases;
  • Economics of Aviation and Airports.

Workshops for business clients

For business clients, we have developed a one-day workshop focusing on platform business models and strategy (in partnership with Ngrane).

Within one day, we help clients developing a rough idea into a robust business model for a digital platform.

  • First we focus on the essentials of becoming a successful platform: how to integrate network effects, data analysis and scope economies in your business model?
  • Next, we discuss various revenues models and explore which one best suits the core growth drivers.
  • We conclude the workshops with a rough estimate of potential revenues.

We summarise the findings in a concise report that is ready for submission to the board of directors.



In courses and workshops relating to the digital economy, participants receive the book Handboek Platformeconomie: Beleid en strategie voor de digitale samenleving.

The book is written by Nicolai van Gorp (founder and owner of e-Conomics),  Paul de Bijl (chief economist at the Dutch Competition Authority – ACM) and Gelijn Werner (strategic policy advisor with the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate).


What do participants say?

Wolter Lemstra, core teacher for the topic Digital, Strategy & Transformation at Nyenrode Business University.

“Nyenrode is a business university, where academic rigor is combined with business relevance. e-Conomics provides deep insights into platform businessmodels from an academic perspective and links this to practice experience gained through their work with companies, regulators and policy makers.”

Martijn van de Hel, Partner at Maverick Advocaten N.V.

“the course ‘Basics of Competition Economics’ is a must for aspiring competition lawyers. Nicolai enthusiastically and in plain language explains the basic principles using current examples, allowing you to better understand the economic analyzes of the ACM and the European Commission. There is plenty of room for questions and discussion of practical examples, making it interesting enough for more experienced lawyers as well. As an office, we look back on it very positively and will certainly repeat this or try to move to a higher level. 5 stars!”

Hendrik-Jan Smaal, Chief Information Officer at Heijmans

“They managed to combine their theoretical knowledge with our practical insights and were able to engage a diverse group of people in their way of thinking. The workshop took us through the pros and cons of different revenue models. They have a thorough understanding of how business models of digital platforms work and they laid the foundation for a new way of thinking about business models within our company. Their approach, which was introduced two years ago, is now the “standard” approach for such processes.”

Anneke van Kempen, Policy officer sustainable buildings at the Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations Netherlands

“They provided us with sharper insight into the possibilities and considerations surrounding the development of a platform; both, regarding design as well as regarding the relationships with and division of responsibilities between market and government. We can work with this.”

Pepijn Karsmakers, Group IT Director at Azelis

“Their method enabled us to look at our current business from a different angle and to get innovative ideas for new business. I recommend the workshops to anyone who wants to explore, introduce or review new business & earnings models. This is not a standard business workshop and ignores the digital buzzword bingo”

Participate in a course?

Contact us by email (nicolai@e-conomics.eu).


Nyenrode Business University, the National Academy of Finance and Economics, BOFEB, Ngrane, Erasmus Competition & Regulation institute (ECRI), Ecorys, and Aili Consulting

Results and impact

Contributing to knowledge sharing, supporting sound policy making, and helping businesses transform since 2017.

Excellent reviews from

  • Business executives participating in the ‘Modular Executive MBA program Business & IT’ (Nyenrode Business University),
  • Policy officers following the course ‘Digital Platforms’ (National Academy of Finance and Economics),
  • Government trainees at BOFEB, following the courses ‘network economics’ and ‘auction theory and design’
  • Lawyers and policy officers following our in-house economics courses.
  • Business executives participating in our platform business model workshops.