Workshops in developing platform-based business models

In collaboration with Ngrane and Radicand Economics

In a one-day workshop we help companies to develop business models for digital platforms.

A digital platform is different from traditional ways of doing business. A platform is more like a facilitator of a production process rather than a producer. It has ‘users’ instead of ‘suppliers’ and ‘customers’. Moreover, successful platforms drive growth with network effects, data analysis and scope economies.

Our approach lets companies focus on the essentials of becoming a successful platform. In other words, we focus on how a platform can leverage network effects, data analysis and scope economies. Next, we discuss various revenues models and explore which one best suits the core growth drivers. We conclude the workshops with a rough estimate of potential revenues. Finally, we summarise the findings in a concise report that is ready for submission to the board of directors.

These workshops ‘developing business models for digital platforms’ are part of an integrated, full-service approach to platform design and realisation. This full-service package is offered in collaboration with Ngrane.

Our approach

We start with the assumption that you already have some idea for a platform. You want to give this idea more substance and you want to include your colleagues in this. We then ensure that the essential principles of platform-economics are embedded in your new business model.

The workshop allows for a small team of 5 to 6 colleagues. The workshop generally takes two half-days. But sometimes we need more time. This depends on the specific questions and needs of the client.

We usually start with a brief crash course in platform economics. Basically, this is a summary of our executive training programme.

Next, we proceed with a structured analysis of the client’s idea for a platform in terms of:

  • who are the stakeholders and what do they want?
  • what values are exchanged on the platform?
  • how can these be monetised without disturbing the value creation process?
  • how does the platform affect relations in the value chain?
  • what is the revenue potential of the platform?

The presentation below provides a summary of how we go about.

What do clients say about these workshops?

Hendrik-Jan Smaal, Chief Information Officer at Heijmans

“They managed to combine their theoretical knowledge with our practical insights and were able to engage a diverse group of people in their way of thinking. The workshop took us through the pros and cons of different revenue models. They have a thorough understanding of how business models of digital platforms work and they laid the foundation for a new way of thinking about business models within our company. Their approach, which was introduced two years ago, is now the “standard” approach for such processes.”

Anneke van Kempen, Policy officer sustainable buildings at the Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations Netherlands

“They provided us with sharper insight into the possibilities and considerations surrounding the development of a platform; both, regarding design as well as regarding the relationships with and division of responsibilities between market and government. We can work with this.”

Pepijn Karsmakers, Group IT Director at Azelis

“Their method enabled us to look at our current business from a different angle and to get innovative ideas for new business. I recommend the workshops to anyone who wants to explore, introduce or review new business & earnings models. This is not a standard business workshop and ignores the digital buzzword bingo”


We successfully helped various companies in developing platform-based business models.

Examples of cases that were developed using our workshops include:

Business Modelling & Strategy

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Various (including Heijmans, PostNL, Brandsimex, MinBZK, and Ngrane)


Within one day, we help clients developing a rough idea into a robust business model for a digital platform. We summarize the conclusions in a concise report for the board of management, along with a back-of-the envelope calculation of potential revenues,


We successfully helped various companies to translate their ideas into concrete business models for platforms.


Examples of cases evolving from our workshops include:

  • Nicolai van Gorp
  • Paul de Bijl
  • Ngrane