e-Conomics is a competition and strategy consultant with broad experience in antitrust and merger cases, strategy & business model advice, and executive education.

Services are divided over two practices:

  1. The Competition and Regulation practice provides expert economic advice on competition law and policy.
  2. The Business Modelling and Strategy practice provides executive training and internal workshops on platform business models and digital strategies.



e-Conomics was founded in 2015.

To celebrate the five-year anniversary of e-Conomics, we have produced a magazine with a series of articles about cases that we worked on and interviews with clients and partners of e-Conomics.
We are grateful and consider it a token of appreciation that so many of our clients and partners have participated in the production of this magazine and thereby joined the celebration of our five-year milestone.

Please read the story of e-Conomics below

Lustrum Magazine

e-Conomics Lustrum Magazine (EN)

Lustrum Magazine

e-Conomics Lustrum Magazine (NL)


e-Conomics is a network company. The network involves over 20 befriended academics and consultants across Europe and the United States.

The network gravitates around founder/owner Nicolai van Gorp and a core of closely associated friends who gained experience while working for consultancy firms, telecom operators, Internet Companies, and the European Commission.